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The Foundation


A group, ‘Friends of the Wild Horses’, was founded in 2012 as a non-profit foundation and called the ‘Namibia Wild Horses Foundation’.  


The Foundation is honoured to have several directors from the tourism, veterinary and environmental management and research sectors on the team. The main objective is to operate as an interest group for the conservation and protection of the Wild Horses of Namibia.


The Foundation raises funds through donations from the public, a percentage of the sale of branded clothing and curios and a percentage of the sale of a book that has been published to provide more information: Wild Horses in the Namib Desert by Mannfred Goldbeck, Ron Swilling and Telané Greyling, currently in reprint

To allow visitors an opportunity to appreciate and to view the Wild Horses in greater comfort, a rock-gabion hide has been constructed at Garub by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. A new waterhole has also replaced the old troughs, allowing easier access for other game.

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